Analysis Consultation
The BIDC welcomes new challenges when it comes to image analysis. If you have a project or set of data that you are unsure about how to analyze, or have questions about what software is best to use, we are happy to help.

The BIDC is available by appointment for questions and help with your data. Please contact [email protected].

We are open to working with you on long-term projects that may require multiple meetings and collaboration. Visit us if you think you may have a tough nut to crack!

Examples of On-Going Projects Include:

  • Profiling the spatial organization of immune cells across tumor microenvironments (ImmunoProfiler Initiative).
  • Relating single-cell shape to location within developing tissue (Klein and Green Lab).
  • Pixel classification segmentation of kidney structures and the spatial relationship with immune cells (Laszik Lab).
Examples of Previous Projects Include:
  • Characterizing the spatial distribution of germ cells in mouse ovaries using Imaris and Matlab (Laird Lab).
  • Creating an automated way to measure the polar and azimuthal angles made between the ovarian glands and lumen of mouse ovaries using Imaris and Matlab (Laird Lab).
  • Characterizing the spatial distribution of multiple sets of the lung cells with relation to each other (Molofsky Lab).
  • Characterizing the spatial relationship between Tcells and vasculature in the pancreas using Arivis and Python/Matlab (Krummel Lab).
  • Determining the 3D relationship of protein distribution on a live cell surface (Krummel Lab).