Focus On CoLab Integration of major microscopy techniques and related areas.

There are many well written articles about the techniques listed below. The Focus of this section is to explain how the BIDC goes about utlizing these techniques here at the Parnasus Campus of UCSF with the equipment available.

Intravital and Explant Imaging Over the years, the BIDC has been a pioneer in intra-vital lung and live-tumor imaging. Microscopes have been built and iteratively progressed ("Generation 3" 2-photon microscope) to perform the imaging experiments required by UCSF researchers. This section breaks down the techniques and equipment currently available, but we are always evolving and want to hear from you on potential advances and improvments.

Cleared Tissue and Whole Organ Imaging The invention of the tissue clearing technique created many microscopy opportunities (and challenges) that the BIDC has responded to and collaborated on. This section breaks down some of the clearing protocols employed by our major users, our microscopes best suited for imaging cleared specimens, and the data analysis considerations with the larger datasets acquired.

Light-Sheet Microscopy

High-Dimensional Imaging

Image Analysis Pipelines for data analysis are as varied as the scientific questions that prompted the collection of the data. The BIDC has a wide variety of open-source and proprietary software available to the Parnassus and UCSF community.