Publications - 2023

Since the BIDC's inception, we have contributed to over 190 peer-reviewed publications. If you have utilized BIDC resources (microscopes, analysis, expertise), please submit the publication to [email protected] to be included in our list.

  1. Bai Y, Wang Y, Kang M, Gabe CM, Srirangapatanam S, Edwards A, Stoller M, Green SJ, Aloni S, Tamura N, et al. Organic Matrix Derived from Host–Microbe Interplay Contributes to Pathological Renal Biomineralization. ACS Nanoscience Au. 2023;3(4):335–346. [http://doi:10.1021/acsnanoscienceau.2c00060]
  2. Caruso JA, Wang X, Murrow LM, Rodriguez CI, Chen-Tanyolac C, Vu L, Chen Y-Y, Gascard P, Gartner ZJ, Kerlikowske K, et al. Loss of PPARγ activity characterizes early protumorigenic stromal reprogramming and dictates the therapeutic window of opportunity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2023;120(42):e2303774120. doi:10.1073/pnas.2303774120
  3. Krishna S, Choudhury A, Keough MB, Seo K, Ni L, Kakaizada S, Lee A, Aabedi A, Popova G, Lipkin B, et al. Glioblastoma remodelling of human neural circuits decreases survival. Nature. 2023;617(7961):599–607. [doi:10.1038/s41586-023-06036-1]
  4. Patel RK, Jaszczak RG, Im K, Carey ND, Courau T, Bunis DG, Samad B, Avanesyan L, Chew NW, Stenske S, et al. Cyclone: an accessible pipeline to analyze, evaluate, and optimize multiparametric cytometry data. Frontiers in Immunology. 2023;14. []
  5. Stashko C, Hayward M-K, Northey JJ, Pearson N, Ironside AJ, Lakins JN, Oria R, Goyette M-A, Mayo L, Russnes HG, et al. A convolutional neural network STIFMap reveals associations between stromal stiffness and EMT in breast cancer. Nature Communications. 2023;14(1):3561. [http://doi:10.1038/s41467-023-39085-1]
  6. Tharp Kevin M., Park Sangwoo, Timblin Greg A., Richards Alicia L., Berg Jordan A., Twells Nicholas M., Riley Nicholas M., Peltan Egan L., Shon D. Judy, Stevenson Erica, Tsui Kimberly, Palomba Francesco, Lefebvre Austin E. Y. T., Soens Ross W., Ayad Nadia M.E., ten Hoeve-Scott Johanna, Healy Kevin, Digman Michelle, Dillin Andrew, Bertozzi Carolyn R., Swaney Danielle L., Mahal Lara K., Cantor Jason R., Paszek Matthew J., Weaver Valerie M. The microenvironment dictates glycocalyx construction and immune surveillance. eLife. 2023 []
  7. Zagorulya M, Yim L, Morgan DM, Edwards A, Torres-Mejia E, Momin N, McCreery CV, Zamora IL, Horton BL, Fox JG, et al. Tissue-specific abundance of interferon-gamma drives regulatory T cells to restrain DC1-mediated priming of cytotoxic T cells against lung cancer. Immunity. 2023;56(2):386-405.e10. [doi:10.1016/j.immuni.2023.01.010]