Since the BIDC's inception, we have contributed to over 120 peer-reviewed publications. If you have utilized BIDC resources (microscopes, analysis, expertise), please submit the publication to [email protected] to be included in our list. 


  • Looney MR, Headley MB. Live imaging of the pulmonary immune environment. Cell Immunol. 2020;350:103862. [doi:10.1016/j.cellimm.2018.09.007].
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  • Alex J. Hughes, Hikaru Miyazaki, Maxwell C. Coyle, et al. “Engineered Tissue Folding by Mechanical Compaction of the Mesenchyme.” Developmental Cell 44, 1–14, January 22, 2018. [doi:10.1016/j.devcel.2017.12.004].
  • Lachowicz-Scroggins, M.E., Gordon, E.D., Wesolowska-Andersen, A. et al. Cadherin-26 (CDH26) regulates airway epithelial cell cytoskeletal structure and polarity. Cell Discov 4, 7 (2018). [].

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  • Cai, En, Kyle Marchuk, Peter Beemiller, Casey Beppler, Matthew G. Rubashkin, Valerie M. Weaver, Audrey Gérard, et al. 2017. “Visualizing Dynamic Microvillar Search and Stabilization during Ligand Detection by T Cells.” Science 356 (6338): eaal3118. [doi:10.1126/science.aal3118].
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  • Mujal, Adriana M., Julia K. Gilden, Audrey Gérard, Makoto Kinoshita, and Matthew F. Krummel. 2016. “A Septin Requirement Differentiates Autonomous- and Contact-Facilitated T Cell Proliferation.” Nature Immunology 17 (3): 315–22.[doi:10.1038/ni.3330].
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  • Hashimoto, Mitsuo, Haruhiko Yanagisawa, Shunsuke Minagawa, Debasish Sen, Royce Ma, Lynne A. Murray, Ping Tsui, et al. 2015. “TGF-β–Dependent Dendritic Cell Chemokinesis in Murine Models of Airway Disease.” The Journal of Immunology 195 (3): 1182–90. [doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1500348].
  • Hashimoto, Mitsuo, Haruhiko Yanagisawa, Shunsuke Minagawa, Debasish Sen, Amanda Goodsell, Royce Ma, Catherine Moermans, et al. 2015. “A Critical Role for Dendritic Cells in the Evolution of IL-1β–Mediated Murine Airway Disease.” The Journal of Immunology 194 (8): 3962–69. [doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1403043

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  • Phillips, Joanna J., Emmanuelle Huillard, Aaron E. Robinson, Anna Ward, David H. Lum, Mei-Yin Polley, Steven D. Rosen, David H. Rowitch, and Zena Werb. 2012. “Heparan Sulfate Sulfatase SULF2 Regulates PDGFRα Signaling and Growth in Human and Mouse Malignant Glioma.” The Journal of Clinical Investigation 122 (3): 911–22. [doi:10.1172/JCI58215].
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  • Lemieux, George A., Jason Liu, Nasima Mayer, Roland J. Bainton, Kaveh Ashrafi, and Zena Werb. 2011. “A Whole-Organism Screen Identifies New Regulators of Fat Storage.” Nature Chemical Biology 7 (4): 206–13. [doi:10.1038/nchembio.534].
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  • Youn, Yong Ha, Tiziano Pramparo, Shinji Hirotsune, and Anthony Wynshaw-Boris. 2009. “Distinct Dose-Dependent Cortical Neuronal Migration and Neurite Extension Defects in Lis1 and Ndel1 Mutant Mice.” Journal of Neuroscience 29 (49): 15520–30. [doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4630-09.2009].
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