BIDC Subscription & Assisted Pilot Experiment Program

The BIDC seeks to encourage new users and labs to explore the power of imaging technologies. These groups can 'subscribe' to the BIDC for unlimited use of workstations and imaging software, consulting expertise, and limited access (i.e. "Assisted Pilot Experiment" program) to a range of center instruments. The use of instruments is at the discretion of their respective owners; however, these groups have previously agreed to the 10% free-use rule. This mechanism is meant to allow an instrument and associated center expertise to be transferable to the wider community without a large startup cost.

The cost of such a subscription will be nominal and is not intented to represent the 'true cost' of training new users to maintaining instruments. In the first three years of BIDC operation (through FY9/10), these types of costs were largely borne by generous startup construbutions from the 'Founding Departments'. Some of these departments may continue this support as 'Supporting Departments', which gives their entire faculty unlimited access to on-site workstations, consulting expertise, and a limited number of Assisted Pilot Experiments. The number of these yearly subscriptions for others will be limited as there are alternative 'cores' that can provide users service for a fee on an hourly service basis.