Create Folders

This is a simple GUI interface designed to create sequentially named folders within a directory. The script was originally designed to be a quality of life improvement while using a lattice light sheet microscope where many regions of interest were being saved into individual folders.
  • Python 3.x  
  • tkinter package 
  • Download at GitHub.
  • Launch the executable, or run the Python script. 
  • Copy/paste the directory or use the button to launch the dialog box to choose the directory. 
  • Choose the range of the numbers of the folders. 
  • Choose the Root Name for each folder. 
  • Press 'Create Folders' button ro run. 
  • The above image would create folders within 'D:/Users/.../Folder' named 'ROI01', 'ROI02', 'ROI03', ... , 'ROI20'.  

Kyle Marchuk, PhD 

[email protected] 

Biological Imagine Development Center