The Fiji plugin, Imaricumpiler, is a utility to stitch together gridded fields of view from Micromanager's Magellan.

  • Fiji (Fiji Is Just ImageJ)      
  • Download Fiji from site. 
  • Download Imaric_Mpiler.jar and Magellan.jar from GitHub.
  • Copy the two .jar files into the folder. 
  • Open FIJI. Perform necessary updates.
  • ImaricμMpiler should now appear in the plugins drop-down menu.       
Executing the Imaricumpiler Plugin    
  • Select Imaricumpiler from the Fiji plugins drop-down menu. 
  • Drag and drop your Magellan image folder into the Imaricumpiler GUI. 
  • Select either 'Output to Fiji Window' or  'Save as Imaris File'  and click 'Start!'