Leica SP8 - PodB Stem Cell Building
Meiotic (chromosomal) spread from mouse female germ cells. Surface (red) of gH2AX staining. Taken with the 63x objective.

Bikem Soygur Kaya, PhD - Laird Lab

Leica SP8 User Guide

The Leica SP8 is an inverted laser scanning confocal system configured for multiplexed imaging. The SP8 comes equipped with an AOBS tunable detection pathway (2 PMTs and 2 HyD), and a white light laser (470nm-670nm). The HyD detectors offer a "true black" background and are able to gate on fluorescence lifetime (allowing for the in-line reduction of autofluorescence).

The system also contains spectral scanning, three-dimensional (z) acquisition and time-lapse capabilities. A programmable stage allows automated return-to-site and multiple-field stitching. Software includes the Navigator module.

For access please follow the Request Usage directions.

The objectives available for use on the SP8 are: