Leica Stellaris 5 - Pod A Stem Cell Building
HeLa Cells - RNAscope. Imaged with 20x objective.

Mohammad Naser, PhD - BIDC

Leica Stellaris User Guide

The Leica Stellaris 5 is an inverted laser scanning conforal with 4 laser lines (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, and 638 nm). It features 3 next-generation Hybrid Detectors (HyDs). The HyD detectors offer a "true black" background and are able to gate on fluorescence lifetime (allowing for the in-line reduction of autofluorescence).

The system is ideal for 4-channel fixed samples.

Notable software features includes the Dye Assitant and Navigator modules.

For access please follow the Request Usage directions.

The objectives available for use on the Stellaris are: