Nikon C2 Macro

Macro Confocal User Guide

The Nikon AZ100M, also known as the "Macro Confocal," is a unique addition to the BIDC family. The Macro Confocal is a laser scanning confocal with three low-mag objectives, all with extremely long working distances. Not only does this microscope utilize digital zooming like other laser scanning confocal microscopes, it also boasts a 1-8x optical zoom, making the Macro a one platform solution for whole specimen to single cell imaging.

It uses four laser lines for excitation including 405, 488, 561, and 640 nm. The Macro Confocal has three standard PMTs (Nikon C2-DU3) with a detection range from 400 - 700 nm, as well as a spectral detection (Nikon C2-DUS) with a detection range from 400 - 750 nm. The instrument can achieve  up to 100 fps in "fast" mode, and the objectives can cover a field of view over 1 cm.

This microscope can produce confocal as well as diascopic DIC images and uses NIkon Elements software for both standard and spectral imaging. Spectral unmixing is available with this Elements pack, with preset or custom references.

For access please follow the Request Usage directions.

The objectives available for use on the Macro are: