Nikon 'Sora' Spinning Disk Confocal
Spinning disk confocal vs.
SoRa imaging vs.
SoRa imaging and 3D deconvolution

Nikon Sora User Guide

The Nikon CSU-W1 SoRa Spinning Disk Microscope is a cutting-edge platform designed for high-resolution fast-acquisition live-sample imaging. The system also supports a DMD for optogenetic experiments.

The microscope also includes components and features such as:

  • CSU-W1 SoRa Spinning Disk - Large field-of-view with Super-Resolution option.
  • 4-Line Laser Launch - 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 647 nm. Each 100 mW.
  • Dual Camera Option - Hamamatsu ORCA-FusionBT for simultaneous dual-wavelength imaging.
  • Environmental Chamber - Full enclosure for temperature and CO2 control with quick-release front panel access.
  • Polygon 100 DMD - For Optogenetics with 395nm, 440nm, 475nm, 555nm, 575nm, 640nm, and 730nm LEDs.
  • Phase Contrast - Brightfield sample alignment.
  • Nikon Elements Software - Includes 3 oine licenses for image analysis. 

For access please follow the Request Usage directions.

Objectives Include:
4x Air for Large Overview
20x Air N.A. 0.75, W.D. 1mm
40x Water N.A. 1.15, W.D. 0.59-0.61mm, Correction Collar 0.15-0.19mm
60x Oil N.A. 1.49, W.D. 0.12mm