Quantify Dwell Times

Quantify Dwell Times measure how long tracked surfaces dwell in interactions with target surfaces. Quantify Dwell Times identifies and quantifies interactions that a surface makes with other surface objects. Surface objects are marked as interacting based on whether the vertices of the surfaces come within a specified distance of the vertices in another target Surfaces object. The duration (in frames/time indexes) of all interactions formed by the tracked objects in the Imaris Surfaces object are recorded track-by-track and reported in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Imaris 8
  • Download at GitHub.
  • To make this function available to Imaris, copy the 'xtsurfaceinteractionduration.m' file into the Imaris XT Matlab directory.  
  • After copying this file to the XTensions folder and restarting Imaris, you can find this function in the Surfaces Function menu, as well as in the Image Processing menu under the Surfaces Functions group.    
Executing the XTension     
  • Select the 'Tools' Icon in Imaris.
  • From the list of extentions choose 'Quantify Dwell Times.' 
  • Choose surface 1 then choose surface 2      

An xls spreadsheet that details the persistent interactions of the surface objects of interest.