Spots Overcount

The XT will produce a new spots population from different populations as a single Spots object if the difference between the spots positions falls within the user defined distance threshold.  This XT can be used in instances where double positive cells occur and the user wants to count the total number of cells without double counting.

  • Matlab 2014 or newer 
  • Imaris 8 or newer    
  • Download at GitHub.
  • Copy the 'overcountspots.m' file into your Imaris XT Matlab directory.    
Executing the XTension      
  • Select the 'Tools' Icon in Imaris.   
  • From the list of extentions choose 'Overcount Spots.'   
  • Choose the two different spots populations with the assumed overlap.   
  • Provide a distance threshold and click 'OK.'   
Example Images


Two Spots populations (green and magenta). Notice that some spots overlap (colocalized).


The resulting new Spots population combines overlapping spots from both populations and includes isolated spots from both population. The new spot size is set to the distance threshold by the user.