Gen 3
Major Funding Provided By:
Krummel Lab
Looney Lab
Verkman Lab
Mouse tumor. Image Credit: Kaitlin Corbin, BIDC

Gen 3 User Guide  Perfusion Chamber Setup Guide

The "Gen3" is the third generation of custom 2-photon laser scanning  microscopes in the BIDC. The instrument claims two IR laser excitation sources; 1) 18W Coherent Chameleon Vision II (680nm - 1080nm); 2) 8W MaiTai Ti-Saphire (710nm - 920nm).

An array of 6 PMTs allows for the simulataneous detection of violet, blue, green, yellow, red, and far red dyes at video rate.

The system uses an upright geometry, an automated Prior XY stage, and a piezo Z drive. Automation is controlled by µMagellan. Additionally, there is a perfusion system with an in-line and stage heater and an anesthesia setup making the microscope suitable for slide, slice, explant, and intravital imaging.

For access please follow the Request Usage directions.

The objective for use on the "Gen 3" is: