Zeiss Widefield - Wide Guy

Mouse hepatocytes. Image Credit: Rasika Patkar. Wang Lab

Colloquially known as "Wide Guy", the microscope is a conventional widefield microscope set upon the inverted Zeiss Axioscope 200M body. The illumination source is a Sutter Lambda XL with appropriate excitation and emission filters for the common DAPI, FITC, TRITC, and Cy5 lines. Due to the configuration of the microscope, 7-color imaging (plus brightfield) can be achieved when taking advantage of the Brilliant Violet dye series.

Other components and features include a manual/automatic Prior XY stage, a z-axis piezo for 3D image stack, a sample incubator, and µMagellan for dynamic device control and acquisition.

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The objectives available for use on Wide Guy are: