Here are a collection of useful educational resources we've found from various sources over the years. If you have a new resource that you've found particulary helpful, please submit it to [email protected]



BIDC Favorites

 Microscopy Resources


A searchable database of listings for people who use light microscopes.

Optical Microscopy Primer

Introduction to microscopy and microsocpy techniques

Molecular Probes Handbook (Sign up to download)

A Guide to Fluorescent Probes and Labeling Technologies

Carl Zeiss Microimaging Online Campus

Basic and advanced microscopy concepts

A Comparison of Microscopy Optical Sectioning Techniques by James Jonkman

What Do I Really Need from My Microscope Camera? by James Jonkman


Semrock SearchLight
Spectra Viewer

 Image Analysis


Enabling GPU-accelerated image processing in FIJI


Image analysis and visualization software

Python for Microscopists

YouTube channel containing videos explaining the very basics of Python programming.

 Custom Microscopy Solutions

Austin Blanco’s Blog

Custom solutions for microscopes and imaging systems

Quorum Technologies
Develops and integrates scientific instruments


Excelitas Technologies

Innovative photonic products and components